Vintage original Soviet spicy set - made in USSR !
Vintage original Soviet spicy set - made in USSR !
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Tray: 24,5 cm * 9cm 
Salt: 7,5 cm height, 6 cm diameter
Weight: 271 gr.

Cuteness has always been one of the important features when it comes to the soviet kitchens.
This beautiful spicy set displaying 3 matryoshkas as containers embraces the simple and yet friendly environment found on the typical soviet houses until nowadays.

This antique piece was sold for just 8 rubles on the past times and was used by many to decorate their kitchens at the same time as an utensil.

The three expressive matryoshka dolls shall be used as pepper, salt and chilli containers and each one displays its own expression of its ingredients taste.

This 70´s handmade item is definitely a good choice for vintage collectors or to be gifted to anyone interested in retro-soviet decor!

Contains its original price tag in the bottom of the set holder tray.

Soviet Gallery
"Produced by history" 

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