Vintage original Soviet table clock “Jantar” - Made in USSR
Vintage original Soviet table clock “Jantar” - Made in USSR
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Diameter: 13 cm 

Info : How were table clocks in the Soviet time? “Jantar” is the one of the most well-known one. Орло́вский часово́й заво́д «Янта́рь» ( Clock fabric of Orel«Jantar» ) 

This fabric was founded in 1950 in the city of Russia “Orel” and was the leader in the production of large interior clocks and alarm clocks in USSR.

This beautiful metal table clock has cream colour and seems like little bit dusty. It makes it absolutely retro because of this feature. This table clock is in round shape with the numbers in roman form and there is a cyrillic letter “Ж” between numbers which shows half time on the clock. It functions in a perfect condition and goes well with both modern and traditionally themed houses.

This vintage table clock can be gifted to your near and dear ones who love similar kind of decor pieces. Keep this table clock in your living room, bedroom or study room to add a hint of vintage feel to the decor.

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“Produced by history”

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