​Welcome to the Soviet Gallery & Cafe! ! 

We are happy to invite you to the cultural hub of Berlin!

Here all the eastern european enthusiasts can feel themselves at home while enjoying our space created to offer a full Soviet experience while visiting Berlin.

At the Soviet Gallery, Cafe and Kiosk you can spend some quality time together with Soviet art and culture lovers on their favourite activities such as a chess match with a cup of tea and soviet cookies, watching the most classic and prominent films of all the times or, for the most advanced practicing the Russian language in order to have a full immersion in the soviet world.

Our space intends to be the scene of thrillers and espionage novels fans and it is where you can find goods and products from East German in the period of the famous Checkpoint Charlie´s border crossing - the infamous checking that separated the east and west Germany.

Between all the memorabilia from East Germany - location occupied by the soviet forces - you can find retro and vintage decoration and house utensils in perfect conditions for usage and also as a matter of a tourist attraction.

Considering all the sightseeings you can have in Germany Berlin is the most strategic one when it comes to the heritage of the Soviet culture due to its history and location. 

Berlin was the only city divided in 2 blocs in order to separate the soviet regime (DDR) from its Western part and only in our gallery you can find the signs of the World War, the Prussian Empire, Silesia region and Pomerania + historical hand painted traditional soviet frames and the famous soviet posters from what nowadays is Ukraine, Belarus and Russia after and before its independences.

While in Berlin take some time to visit our cultural space - The most soviet corner of Berlin!

We are not a simple touristic attraction as we intend to be the only place in which anyone can truly taste, experience and feel the Eastern life in Germany and in the Soviet times!

Adress: Solmsstraße 35, 10961 Berlin (U Bahn Mehringdamm or Gneisenaustraße)